Fan Repair and Rebuild Services 

As an authorized Howden Alphair Service Centre, we will be offering repairs and restorations of mine fan and ventilation fans of all makes and models.

This will include mine fan rotor repair and replacement of worn or damaged fan blades as needed, fan motor repair, fan housing repair, and repainting, as well as reassembly and rebalancing of the complete fan unit.


Field Repair and Ventilation System Analysis.

Our field service technicians are trained to diagnose and repair problems with all types of ventilation systems. We are prepared to handle many issues on-site such as Rotor Balancing, Vibration Analysis, Bearing Replacement, On Site Rebuilds, Rotor and Blade Replacements and Complete Fan Replacements for both Axial and Centrifugal Fans. 

We also offer Installation Services for new fans, engineering and fabrication of custom ventilation systems and modifications to new and existing ventilation systems.


Wear Prevention

ABS offers various options for wear prevention to add extra life to the rotor and blades of mine fan systems. Exhaust fans especially benefit from these applications where dust particles and debris wear away fan blades and rotors. Our specialized coatings add protection to the rotor which could potentially add years to the life of your fan system. 


Dynamic Balancing 

Our Dynamic Balancing Systems will ensure the proper function of your ventilation system. We are able to provide a proper balance to the rotor which reduces vibration, noise and ensures the longevity of your system. This service can be performed at our Service Center and also on site while the fan is in service.