Health and Safety Policy

We care about the Health and Safety of our employees, and as such are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that will help to ensure the safety of our employees.  We will strive to maintain an illness and injury free workplace and are committed to providing the proper training and education to facilitate our employees in working in compliance to relevant legislative requirements.
Loss prevention will be a key goal at Abraflex, we will work towards eliminating any accidental loss of time, property, and most importantly personal health and safety.  We can control this by having in place strong management that is willing to hear and encourage employee participation. Also, in accordance with Federal & Provincial legislation we will maintain practical and effective safety measures to protect the health and safety of our employees and clients.

We believe in Zero injuries or occupational illness and this will be our goal.  For this to be a reality, we need effective communication between management and workers, which will be facilitated through our cooperation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Management and workers will be held accountable for their adherence to this Health and Safety Policy, and performance reviews and incidents will be kept on file.  It is the responsibility of management and workers to ensure that they are working safely and maintaining Safe Work Practices.  All employees are expected to, and required by law to, follow legislated practices, and those covered in the Abraflex Health and Safety Plan.

This policy will be continually reviewed by the management and safety committee and revised as required.