Environmental Drilling Services

Being professional, acting responsibly, and being honest are vital to ensuring an environmental drilling job is done properly.

Abraflex is able to provide your company with trained & experianced drillers who understand that an environmental drilling job means more focus. Whether you’re washing spoons, decontaminating augers, drumming the cuttings, or re-circulating water (or all of the above!), we have the tools and know how to do the job. Preserving the environment and reducing the footprint we leave while drilling is important to us.

Well Installation

We have the knowledge and experience to install wells properly. Abraflex is a licensed Well Contractor with the Ministry of Environment and all of our drillers are licensed Well Technicians. In addition, our employees are all proficient in the proper methods of well installation.

Environmental Drilling Services

Daylighting Monitoring Wells 1”-6” Complete supply of well materials Ability to seal off contamination zone using large diameter casing Service Vehicle/decontamination equipment available Well Abandonment Level A to D Protection