Geotechnical Drilling Services

Abraflex provides our clients with Geotechnical Drilling Services to help determine soil formations and ground conditions. This data is used in engineering and design to determine what kind of foundation will be used in a wide variety of construction projects.

Because our equipment is up to date and our crews experienced we’re able to provide consistent professional results. Our drills come equipped with Automatic Hammers which means your results are more uniform. We offer a wide range of geotechnical drilling methods to tackle the various conditions throughout Ontario. We drill through the most difficult formations, and continually improve the methods and tools we use to ensure a job compleeted beyond our clients expetations.


Geotechnical Drilling Services

Angle Drilling Available

Auger Drilling

HollowStem Augers from 2” i.d to 10” i.d Solid Stem augers from 2” to 5”

Mud/Air Rotary Drilling

Casing from Bw to Pw Bicone / Tricone up to 8″ Cased / Uncased Casing Advancer Down the Hole Hammer (DTH) ODEX System DTH Bits up to 10″   Percussion Drilling (GeoProbe) Wash Boring Soil Coring

Geotechnical Drilling EquipmentStandard on All DrillsSplit Spoons (SPT) (2″) “B” & “N” Vanes 2 sizes of Shelby Adapters Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT) Automatic HammerAvailable on RequestCPT Capability Daylighting Piezometer (3/4″ pipe for water level measurements) Split Spoons up to 3″ Asst Sizes of Vanes Vane Collars