Our Core Drilling Services

Having the versatility of augering and diamond drilling can come in handy. More importantly having experienced personnel to do this is crucial. Abraflex literally drills right across the province. From Shale to Limestone, to Granite we drill all types of rocks. Also whether your RQD is perfect or terrible, we can get you a good sample with our triple tube system. Some of our tracked drills come with water tanks and we also have a tracked water carrier and trailer to get water to virtually any site. For jobs where containing the water is crucial or where water supply is limited, we can recirculate water to make a little bit last longer.

Our Diamond Drilling Services include:

  • Coring from HQ to NQ
  • Double or Triple tube systems
  • Packer testing equipment from HQ to NQ
  • Coring with Air or Water
  • Our trucks are outfitted with water cubes
  • Water recirculation in situations with limited water supply